Virtual reality PTSD treatment has ‘big impact’ for veterans

Virtual reality PTSD treatment has 'big impact' for veterans

Could virtual reality help treat PTSD in veterans? Virtual reality could be used to help military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who have struggled with mainstream treatment. It involves patients walking on a treadmill in front of a screen which projects images depicting the type of trauma experienced. A two-year trial found some patients could see almost a 40% improvement in their symptoms. One veteran said it had given him the “biggest impact” out of any treatment. ‘Eats away at you’ Matt Neve, who is originally from Scotland but now lives in Gower, Swansea, joined the RAF in 2001 at the age of 16. Two years later, he was deployed to Iraq. His role in the war was as a driver, which left him responsible for helping to pick up wounded soldiers. Matt joined the RAF aged 16 He said: “When you’re put into an environment like that when you’re seeing guys that have been catastrophically injured, some have been killed, it’s quite difficult to describe. “You have all these emotions flowing through you – fear, upset, anxiety – and it all hits you in one wave and it took its toll on me constantly seeing that on a daily basis. AdChoices ADVERTISEMENT AdChoices inRead invented by Teads “It eats away at you so much that something’s got to give in the end, and unfortunately for me it was my mental health. “At its worst I attempted to take my own life. I’ve done it on more than one occasion now, and it’s so, so, so difficult to find a way back from when you’ve hit that lowest point.” ‘I partied all night to hide from my PTSD’ ‘Higher levels of PTSD among veterans’ A year later, Matt started experiencing flashbacks and night terrors, while also starting to […]

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