Senator investigates vet’s death at Atlanta VA hospital

Senator investigates vet's death at Atlanta VA hospital

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., is demanding answers from the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center about how a Vietnam veteran living in a VA long-term care nursing home could be bitten more than 100 times by fire ants before his death. Veteran Joel Marrable was a resident at the Atlanta VA on Sept. 6 when his daughter visited him and found his body covered in red marks. Local VA leadership confirmed to Isakson’s staff that at least three veterans were affected by the ant-infested conditions. The February 2019 inspection reported the facility did not provide a comfortable and homelike environment, with a strong smell of urine present. The VA put an Atlanta-based administrator on leave and reassigned the region’s chief medical officer and seven other staff members while it investigates the treatment of veterans in the Atlanta VA’s care. • The 2018 Military Suicide Report has just been released. The numbers are, sadly, too high. In 2018, 541 active duty servicemen and women took their own lives. Most were younger than 30. After three USS George H.W. Bush sailors took their own lives in one week, the commander called for prevention ideas on the Norfolk, Va.-based ship. The numbers reported continue an unacceptable trend. Between October 2017 and November 2018, 19 additional suicides were recorded on VA campuses, the latest on Aug. 7, when another veteran took his own life in a VA parking lot. Some fear this is a gruesome form of protest by veterans to highlight how little help they have received from the VA system. • The Veterans Affairs secretary told several members of Congress that he’s evicting them from offices they’ve been using in VA hospitals. The VA says it wants the spaces back for clinical use. • The crowd at a Portland Thorns women’s […]

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