This Group’s Village of Tiny Homes for Vets ‘Saves Lives’ While ‘Setting Them Up for Success’

This Group's Village of Tiny Homes for Vets 'Saves Lives' While 'Setting Them Up for Success'

Last fall, Jason Kander toured the Veterans Community Project , a Kansas City, Missouri-based non-profit that builds tiny houses for veterans. “I was amazed by it,” says Kander, former Missouri Secretary of State. Kander, 38, was a rising political star, and President Barack Obama even said he was the future of the Democratic party . A former Army Intelligence Officer, Kander gained notoriety when his 2016 Senate campaign ad went viral . It showed him assembling a rifle blindfolded while talking about gun control. Kander was expected to win his Kansas City mayoral campaign, but he made national news last fall when he suspended his campaign to seek treatment for PTSD. Six weeks after touring the Veteran’s Community Project while campaigning, Kander returned to the non-profit and asked for help navigating the Veterans Administration’s red tape to get treatment. “There were more obstacles to doing that quickly than I had expected. The process can be a little onerous,” Kander tells PEOPLE. “I ended up being like any of the other 6,000 veterans in Kansas City that this place has helped.” Located on about five acres, the Veteran’s Community Project offers wraparound services to vets, and is home to a village of 280-square-foot tiny houses, which serve as transitional homes for veterans. “It really replicates base housing,” Kander says. “It recreates the environment a lot of folks were in when they were really stable. It’s a great transitional environment.” For veterans with anxiety and PTSD, Kander says, a tiny house is better than a shelter or apartment. “With a tiny house, you can do a perimeter check,” Kander says. “It makes them feel safe, and it makes them feel comfortable.” The Veterans Community Project was founded in summer of 2016 by three combat veterans, Bryan Meyer, Mark Solomon, and Brandonn […]

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