Raising Money to Help HeroEs

Since 2003, Veteran Today has taken the cause directly to the public through fundraising events. Our most popular is the trailer and tent T-shirt and hat sales outreach program. At these events, we do to things. We provide some great Freedom Wear and at the same time, are available for military veterans their their families to ask questions about disability claims, benefits, and other veteran related information.


These events provide a solid way for Veteran Today to spread the message about what we do and how we do it while serving the community in many ways.  We can even create custom T-shirts with your event or sponsorship information. We can also create banners for the trailer with your organization as the sponsor. There are so many possibilities. If you are in the Florida area coordinating an event or would like us to come out to your location – store, school, activity – then please reach out to our Director at director@veterantoday.org or call (386) 999-1963.