“I Must Survive” Movie Project

Veteran Suicide Crisis

Since 911, 3/4 of military related deaths have been through suicide. What can we do to be there for veterans who are in the depths of despair? This movie will be an effective step in that direction.

Conversational Healing

Words can heal. Compassion conveyed through thoughtful listening and reflection has proven to move Veterans towards health.  This movie projet purpose is to do just that. Show veterans that healing is in their future.

Success Leads Success

Veterans can teach the pathways of success through exploring their own success with other veterans. “Let me tell you how I made it through.”  “I will Survive” is to show one veteran’s story of recovery.

Showing Success

Veterans find success when mentored direction, community support, and personal effort are maximized. VETERAN TODAY works to coordinate all three.
Below is the VT theme song written by the VT Director about his own life and is the inspiration for the movie.

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