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“Faces of PTSD”Freedom Film Series

With all of the talk about PTSD, how many Americans actually know what it looks like in action? The Veteran Today movie series has the goal of releasing 15 five-minute high-quality films that display to veterans, spouses, health care workers, employers, and others in the veteran’s support community what signs to look for. Episode 3 shoots in September. Your support is needed to make this a success!

Faces of PTSD - Actor Nolan

PTSD Speaker Services

Speaker Lance Abrims has been on the leading edge of the battle against depression and suicide for more than 40 years. What Lance brings to his audience is the knowledge and challenge to not only tell their own story, but to be brave in reaching out to hear the story of others who may have a mental health challenge. He shows us all how telling our stories is the gateway to healing and a fuller, more joyful life. Download One Sheet PDF

Veteran Benefits Advising

For almost two decades, the Veteran Today leadership team has provided invaluable, action-oriented steps that veterans can follow to understand, prepare for, and engage in applying for disability and health care benefits. There IS a formula for success. The IS a way to help the Veterans Administration help YOU. And it is FREE.

National Veteran Service Directory is the shortcut!

This is a list of services nationwide, including nonprofits, that provide our heroes with housing, education, service animals, and more.

If you don’t see your organization listed, please notify us and we’ll make sure you are included. Support Directory

CDL Career Advising Group 

For more than 15 years, Veteran Today has served as an authoritative and unbiased voice when it comes to entering the Commercial Driving profession. Reach out directly to us at (386) 999-1963 or complete the form at the Troops to Truckers website to connect.

Troops to Truckers CDL Advising Group

Veterans on the River

Battling military veteran depression is an ongoing challenge. Depression leads to higher suicide rates for vets. Veteran Today’s boating program takes veterans out for decompression time on the InterCoastal waterway off Daytona Beach. The program is headed by a Coast Guard veteran.

Call (386) 999-1963 to make the connection.

Who is Veteran Today?

Share a vision of Veteran success

Veteran Today, a 501(c)3 nonprofit veteran services organization was founded in 2003 in response to military transitional needs. Those needs grew exponentially as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq drew on for 20 years.

Veteran Today has always sought to solve veteran needs in whatever form they came, over the decades specializing in counseling, claims advising, employment, and personal growth. One of the flagship programs is Troops to Truckers (, a national commercial truck driving advising corps that guides military active duty and veteran men and women as they move from service to county to the civilian truck driving community. The program has served more than 30,000 veterans directly and many more indirectly through other programs.

Another program, is a national directory of veteran service nonprofit organizations that supplement the support veterans get from the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government social services.  The site serves hundreds of visitors every day as they also seek to support our men and women in and out of uniform.

Through these program Veteran Today joins forces with thousands of other organizations to ensure that our heroes have the resources they need to move into and succeed in post-military careers and living.

Learned KNowledge

A few things we now know

Almost two decades of working with military Active Duty and Veterans has resulted in organizational knowledge. This is what we know:


Each Veteran is Different

No matter the good intentions, if the individuality of each veteran is not recognized and considered, success decreases.


Success is Opportunity Driven

Aside from the capabilities and effort of the Veteran, if there is not a solid opportunity for life success, there is no launching pad.


Community Outreach is Critical

We cannot wait for Veterans to come to find us. We must conduct outreach and seek out those who would benefit from our programs.


Build It, They Will Come

This just is not true. Building a program WE want does not meet the needs of what THEY need. Programs must meet needs, not ideas.


Veterans are Proud

A great confirmation for us was to find that Veterans do not want a hand out, they want a buddy hand up. They are proud and willing.


Family Matters

When at all possible, the entire Veteran’s family must be involved in some way in assisting our heroes in moving forward.

“Faces of PTSD” Movie Project

Veteran Suicide Crisis

US Military Veterans end their life by suicide at a much greater frequency than non-veterans. What can we do to be there for veterans who are in the depths of despair? We can start by educating veterans and their support network on what PTSD looks like in action.

“Faces of PTSD” are short prime-time quality movies that are an effective step in alerting veterans, families, and their support network to be on the watch for the signs of the veteran struggle. There is help when they know to ask.

Conversational Healing

Words can heal. Compassion conveyed through thoughtful listening and reflection has proven to move Veterans towards health. The purpose of these movies is to do just that. Show veterans and others that healing is in their future. It begins with simply knowing the issue exists in their lives.

Success Leads Success

Veterans can teach the pathways of success through exploring their own success with other veterans. “Let me tell you how I made it through.” “Faces of PTSD” episodes are to show one veteran’s story of struggle and an approach to recovery.

Showing Success

Veterans find success when mentored direction, community support, and personal effort are maximized. VETERAN TODAY works to coordinate all three.
Below is the VT theme song written by the VT Director about his own life and is the inspiration for the movie series.

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Veteran testimonials

Read what the veterans themselves have to say about us:

The mentorship that I’ve received over the last eight years has helped me with everything from figuring out my claims to getting ideas and guidance for making my career work. More of my battle buddies need to talk to you guys.


The [Troops to Truckers] program pointed me in the right direction. I’m driving now and its great! Thank you guys.  
(He provided a picture standing next to his tractor trailer.)


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